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About WebGamut

WebGamut was founded in 1998 by Gina B. Kilby who was then a senior at Nichols College in Dudley, MA. Upon graduating with a BS in MIS, Gina took a full-time position with Ardent Software as their Corporate Webmaster where she was instrumental in the corporate re-branding and redesign of the top 100 software company's public and internal websites.

Ardent Software was purchased by Informix Software (now IBM) in 2000. Gina chose to get back to her WebGamut roots and was retained by a diverse industry of local clients to create and implement online presences, incorporate e-commerce initiatives, and worked with her clients to develop highly successful website promotion strategies. Gina also contracted part-time with Compaq Computer (now HP) in their global web services division where she received recognition for her work on a special web services project.

Later in 2000, Gina joined Constant Contact (formerly Roving Software) in Waltham, MA as their Internet Designer & Webmaster where she was a key member of both marketing and product engineering teams. Gina designed the Constant Contact user interface that is now used by over 400,000 users worldwide. She designed and help define the architecture for more than 100 flexible email templates that have been sent to and viewed by millions worldwide. Additionally, Gina designed and managed more than 300 partner and reseller landing sites and was responsible for all corporate and marketing creative. Spearheading Constant Contact's search engine & pay-per-click advertising strategies, Gina managed to increase monthly signups and registrations while reducing overall costs.

As Constant Contact grew to be the leading email marketing service for small businesses and orgaizations, Gina was promoted to the Director of Interactive Marketing and served as a member of the Full Management Team. While managing the Interactive Marketing Team, she led the design and implementation of an A/B split testing architecture and website converson increased from 2.4% to 8.0%. Continuing on her success with paid search advertising, Gina managed a $250K+ a month campaign which generated 25% of company revenue. She also managed Constant Contact's natural search engine optimizaton program that moved the company's Google ranking from Page 3 to the top of Page 1. She continued as creative director for all online and offline marketing efforts and ensured brand consistency.

While at Constant Contact, Gina completed a few projects each year under the banner of WebGamut to keep her skills sharp and to provide assistance to several charities. She was also a part-time instructor at Middlesex Community College where she taught web programming courses as part of the Webmaster Certificate Program.

In February 2006, after 6 years with Constant Contact, Gina made the transition to become a consultant and focus on building WebGamut's client base. Since then, WebGamut has launched several new websites, designed numerous email communications, and is helping companies build their new image on the web.

Gina currently operates WebGamut out of her home office.

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